Ecoplas (HK) Ltd was established in 2010, which is a Hong Kong base company and is a member of Cho ei Group. We focus on the eco-plastic materials and have production plants in China and Hong Kong. With combining our advanced compounding technology & innovative ideas, we provide the recovery of the plastic scrap and effective measure on the solid waste disposal issue. Ecoplas emphasizes environmental protection and sets zero emission as our commitment to Hong Kong or Asian countries. Our eco- plastic materials are all converted from the post-consumer products and the plastic scarp is entirely transferred back to raw materials/resources. We put effort into giving our customers with a close, complete & traceable eco-plastic materials system.

Our concept is comprised of, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, (3R).

Reduce:     reduce the content of using virgin/prime materials.
Reuse:     reuse the plastic materials more than once.
Recycle:     recycle 100% post-consumer products into useful materials.

Ecoplas hcooperates with our customers to develop our own series of eco-grade plastic materials and those are mainly developed for the office automation (OA) market. We always keep adding the value on our eco-plastic to meet the customer’s requirement and diversify our materials on others market coverage. We pledge our eco-plastic is quality guarantee, stable property, traceable and some of them have got the UL registration as well.

Meanwhile, we would like to make Ecoplas become one of the main plastic waste solution providers in Asia. We have integrated a strong network associating with our partners to create a platform for a total solution of the plastic waste disposal issue, including the process such as, collection, dismantlement, separation, scrap recovery, etc. Consequently, we can make contribution on the natural resources sustainability.

In addition, we are targeting to maximize our operation, which is able to produce thousand tons of eco-plastic materials in every month, and setup a R&D center in Hong Kong in the coming future. We work together with every member to realize a remarkable eco-plastic converting system, which is beneficial to all our society, customers and end-users.

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