1. Zero Emission
The landfill is not a good solution for the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management. It is obvious that increasing the solid waste recovery is the only way to reduce the burden on it. Therefore, how to realize a Zero Emission Plastic Waste Converting System is the key in the coming future. We set this as our first commitment and no matter it is sortable or not, our system can convert it as useful materials finally with zero waste emission.

mission pic

2. Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
We always put it as our high priority on how to transfer the plastic scrap into useful materials back to the production process with ‘Product to Product Concept’.
Moreover, we have cooperated with the universities in Hong Kong or Japan to start the research and development on plastic waste compounding with different fibers (e.g. bamboo) and utilizing for others application.
We will first base on the condition of the plastic scrap to classify it into four grades.
In addition to transfer it into eco-plastic materials, another way is to utilize as a fuel for power generation.

  • A.
    Transfer into useful plastic materials for the same application
  • B.
    Compound with other materials, additives, or Bamboo Fibers to strengthen/enhance the properties, which can be used for the e.g. pallet, construction materials, etc.
  • C.
    Combine with paper scrap to become a fuel called RPF (Refuse Paper Plastic Fuel).
  • D.
    Utilize as a fuel directly for electricity power supply --- the key point is how to make it more cost effective.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility
We always strive to protect our environment and being socially responsible. With our knowledge and experience of the plastic recycling, we provide an efficient converting system to tackle the plastic waste disposal problem effectively, which can reduce the landfill amount & the emission of CO2 and saving the natural resources as well.

4. Total Solution
With the cooperative interaction among all members in Choei Group, we are the dominant plastic total solution provider supporting our customers from plastic compounding, tooling design, injection to plastic waste management or even plastic recovery system as well.

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